Adapters Testing Instructions
Testing for insertion loss is carried out as per test method prescribed below:
A standard reference connector set of the plug-adaptor-plug configuration is required.
a) Configure the initial measurement setup as shown in the figure below
{Where LS is Leaser Source, RP is Reference Patch Cord, RA is reference Adaptor & D is Power Meter}
b) Measure Power (P) in dBm.
c) Set to zero
d) Remove the reference adaptor (RA) and replace it with the adaptor
(A) To be measured as shown below:
{Where LS is Leaser Source, RP is Reference Patch Cord, A is Adaptor & D is Power Meter}
e) Measure power (P) in dBm.
f) The value of power shown is the attenuation of the adaptor.
Note: It is important to periodically clean the ferrules of the connectors with iso propyl alcohol to remove any dirt Etc. Refer doc. Adapter and connector cleaning instructions.Note: For details of inspection processes, methods, other tests performed and records refer to quality manual. It can be made available to customers on specific request.

  1. Ensure that the inside of adapter and ferrules of connector are cleaned properly with lab grade Iso- propyl alcohol as per method described under cleaning instructions.
  2. The testing should be done with a reference cord and reference adapters only.