Personal Safety and Environmental Safety Instructions
Extreme care is required when handling live fiber. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO ANY LIVE FIBER. Even safety glasses do not guarantee protection against retina damage.
Do not use any dry tissue or chemical including iso propyl alcohol on any connector live with laser power. Combustion or micro explosion can result causing grievous personal injury and can damage the connector permanently
Termination work is often carried out in confined spaces in presence or chemical and other hazards. Many of the chemicals are flammable: do not smoke while working; refer to safety instructions provided by solvent or chemical manufacturers. Try to work in a well ventilated environment.
OSHA standard for confined spaces in telecommunication;
Observe recommended precautions when dealing with solvents and chemicals.
Kindly follow local community laws against littering used wands, plastic caps, chemicals and other consumables dispose in accordance with applicable laws.
Refer U.S Environmental protection agency EPA
ROHS “the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment”
The connectors are also tested for ROHS compliance.