Technical Specifications

Outer Tube – Polyolefin (irradiation cross linked)

Working Temperature -50°C to 125°C)
Ultimate Strength> 10.4Mpa
Elongation > 200
Specific Gravity 0.95
Water Absorption 0.05% Max.
Shrinking start Temperature 70°C
Fungus Resistance Inert
Heat Resistance 1500C for 4 hrs
Cold Bending -300C 1 hr, No crack

Inner Tube – Polyolefin Copolymer (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate)

Ultimate Strength 200 Kg/cm 2
Elongation 700%
Vical Temperature 67°C
Specific Gravity 0.93

Strength Member

Single Fiber Sleeves 316 Stainless Steel with rounded and polished ends
Ribbon/Dielectric sleeves Polished ceramic (White)or Quartz (Transparent)

Completed Shrink (per Telcordia Technologies GR-1380-CORE) Heat shrink protector

Clarity Fiber/Splice is visible
Ends Smooth, even, consistent
Life Test Meets installation as well as in service age criteria
Shrink Time* Standard: 120 seconds
Mini/Micro: 60 seconds
Ribbon: 240 seconds *
Loose parts All parts captivated
Interface with fibers All sleeves except micro are compatible with up to 1000 micron fibersMicro compatible with up to 400 micron fibers
Universal installation Aerial , underground or buried application
Fiber retention Meets tensile load requirements

Mail us technical support at for compliance statements against specific requirements or specifications.*Shrink times will vary with manufacturer of the heater used and the ambient temperature.